In Brisingr a book about how Eragon a 15-16 year old became the dragon rider to rebel against Galbatorix. He has to keep keep oaths and has to keep his loyalties as well. He has changed from a 15 year old farmer to a 16 year old dragon rider. He helps his cousin Roran save Roran’s soon to be wife. Eragon also ends up marrying the couple. Eragon loves his cousin and they are brothers but, not blood.

What is and What not

The book Eldest is about a boy named Eragon who goes to the elf cities to train in magic and other things. I like how the writer put it in a way that somethings can relate to real things. Another thing I liked is that he doesn’t spend too much time on one thing. One thing I don’t like is that he put some many days of work there is really nothing else going on. Every now and then he will go out but that is very seldom.

Eragon with dragon egg

In the book Eragon it is about a person who finds a stone (blue) and it ends up being a dragon egg. Something I don’t like about this book is that there is that there is more detail than it should have. The author spends a lot on the detail and I like more action. One thing I do like is that instead of it looking like a dragon egg it looks more like a stone. Another thing I like is how he made the book. I like how he makes the time for it actually realistic. For example to cross a small bit of the desert it only took 2 days.